Selected Works from Online Magazines / Publications

Twin, Great River Review, 2021

Quadrennial, The Poetry Project, 2020

Y'all, The Shallow Ends, 2020

When I Was Seven I Captured a Honey Bee In a Poland Spring BottleGlass: A Journal of Poetry, 2020

[X][Y]/[X][X]Frontier Poetry, 2020 (Recipient of the 2019 Frontier Award for New Poets)

Coming of AgeTinderbox Poetry Journal, 2019

Mullins CourtANMLY, 2019

Trans Day of RemembranceANMLY, 2019

Family Portrait with Ancestorswildness, 2019 (Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize)

Because I SpeakAlegrarse: A Journal for Poetry, 2019

Girls Just Want to Be GirlsThe Felt, 2019

And I Will Always Be Your Motherthe Offing, 2018

The Low Down Nigga Calls My Glow a FaggotShade Literary Arts, 2018


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