Selected Works from Online Magazines / Publications

Every Day is a Chance to Revolt, Split this Rock The Quarry, 2023

& When They Come for Me (Reprise), The Yale Review, 2022

If I Was Being Honest, Apogee Journal, 2022

& When They Come for Me (Reprise), Muzzle Magazine, 2021

Super-human, The Nation, 2021

Twin, Great River Review, 2021

Quadrennial, The Poetry Project, 2020

Y'all, The Shallow Ends, 2020

[X][Y]/[X][X]Frontier Poetry, 2020 (Recipient of the 2019 Frontier Award for New Poets & 2020 Best of the Net Award)

Family Portrait with Ancestorswildness, 2019 (Nominated for a 2019 Pushcart Prize)

The Low Down Nigga Calls My Glow a FaggotShade Literary Arts, 2018


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